“Investors and regulators alike are paying more attention to board composition – and especially to the practice of retaining independent/non-executive directors as a sign of good governance.”

PwC/ILA Luxembourg Fund Governance Survey 2016


Independent Non-executive Directorships

More and more companies are seeing the benefits of adding independent non-executive directors to their boards and board committees. Independent directors play an important role in improving corporate governance and add new perspectives to board room discussions.

RMG Advisory provides independent directors with relevant experience and qualifications for banks, fund companies, corporates, holding companies, investment funds and SPVs.

Risk Management & Governance Consulting

RMG Advisory works with companies to identify, assess and manage strategic, operational, financial and compliance risks in their business. Good corporate governance is a key ingredient to this process. We also conduct fraud investigations and suggest improvements to systems of checks and balances.

We provide interim management and help companies and organisations to find long-term solutions for their management needs.

Capital Market Advisory & Angel Investing

RMG Advisory supports start-ups, early-stage companies and their founders with expertise, business intelligence, critical feedback and mentoring. We also provide angel capital and take supervisory or advisory board seats.

We advise companies how to raise venture or bank capital and help them to structure related deals.


Ralf Ferner

Independent Director
Principal | RMG Advisory

Ralf Ferner has long experience as executive manager and board member in Banking, Asset Management, Life Assurance and Technology in Luxembourg, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the British Virgin Islands.

After an early career as Foreign Exchange trader, Ralf joined Swedish bank SEB Group in 2000, where he subsequently held a number of executive positions in Luxembourg and Stockholm. He started in the Private Banking division, where he managed client portfolios and investment funds and became the Head of Discretionary Management for the Luxembourg, Swiss and Asian Private Banking hubs. In 2007, he transferred to SEB‘s head-office in Stockholm to become Head of Equities and Fund-of-Funds in their Asset Management organisation, responsible for 35+ fund managers in 11 different investment teams across Europe. During 2012, Ralf took up a position in the authorised management of SEB Bank Luxembourg, responsible for the development of their institutional business. Subsequently, he became CEO and board member of SEB Asset Management and SEB Fund Services, both „Super Mancos“ managing Private Equity, Real Estate, Hedge Funds as well as UCITS funds. At the same time, Ralf represented SEB Group in the supervisory boards of their Asset Management and Life Assurance subsidiaries in the three Baltic countries and the British Virgin Islands.

Recently Ralf has become involved with technology companies, founding Berlin-based drone manufacturer Germandrones and joining the board of directors of Luxembourg regtech company Governance.com S.A., the ‘2016 Luxembourg Fintech of the Year’.

Ralf is a German national and resident of Luxembourg-City. He is fluent in German, English, Luxembourgish and Swedish and a member of ILA – Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs.